Friday, November 17, 2006

Spanish chat - chatear en espanol

Here is some Spanish chat. I have some familiarity with Spanish also, and can make out what is going on here, though I may be wrong. Also what I have transcribed here may be gone by the time you, the reader, encounter the link. Nonetheless you'll get the pattern of it.

como stan = como estan
hola to2 = hola todos (dos=two)
Dnd sta... = donde esta (where are...)
aki = aqui, variant spelling

Esperame al rato t txteo toy plandando kn mis friends lo d mi karro
(not sure what this is, but t=te, kn=con, friends instead of amigos??? d=de, etc.)

km ke hi dzi miguel what r u thinking ah ah
(here's mixing spanish & english chat; not sure what's going on here either)

Here I'll stop; these are personal messages, though they're in a public space, and I have no idea what I'm transcribing, so I could get in trouble I suppose. And I don't mean any intrusion of privacy. I'll just point out a couple of obvious things:

first, willing to skip vowels, use k instead of que; spanish chatters show some familiarity with english if not mixing, using english letters where spanish would be not much harder. Using an occasional English word or phrase; is the meaning that different?? A kind of chat code-switching. Use of numbers is not common here but I saw it.


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