Friday, November 24, 2006

updates - Spanish - Rune

updates on some running questions:


A friend verifies that chat is common among Spanish-speaking youth; that lots of English words are mixed in; that therefore there is a vibrant half-English half-Spanish variant that is especially common among American Hispanics. The interesting thing is that online, it doesn't really matter where someone is geographically. In other words, it is possible for people who have very little contact with English otherwise, to participate in these chats...he mentioned a CNN news clip about texting, which I have been unable to find, which mentioned that parents were concerned because they had no idea what their kids were saying to each other. A genuine fear, I'd say. This is at the heart of my question: is another language in fact forming here? It's an open question.

RUNE- pwn/pown/pawn

Noah mentioned this word as a new word formed in Rune, or at least seen there frequently. Family visitors mentioned that this word was common to World of Warcraft; and had a lot of play on nighttime television; was actually entering mainstream culture, though it definitely started in gaming. The pwn variant is actually a mistyping, or so they claimed, that just got picked up and supported by the system. Interesting.


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