Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TESOL 2008

In this lonely, out-of-the-way blog, I'll announce my success in getting into TESOL 2008, New York City, early April. The abstract and session description are below.

Writing Interest Section

Times are yet to be announced; TESOL this year is not on Wednesday, but is stretching a little into Saturday, so that more practitioners in the NYC area can attend.

Why is it here? I've always maintained here that the world is going toward chat, toward more writing, toward a situation where writing fluency will be to most people like oral fluency is today- a gateway to more interaction, and more successful interaction. I will develop this idea in a writing supplement to this presentation. I have to stare at it a while to get wound up to actually present it though. And I have to remember- as a demonstration, it's about how to teach it- not why, or what writing fluency is...


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