Tuesday, June 03, 2008

meebo chat, 6-03-

[14:23] meeboguest859554: hello!
[14:23] HelpDesk Tech: how can i help you
[14:23] meeboguest859554: I'm a teacher
[14:24] meeboguest859554: and I'm wondering if you have a chat interface
[14:24] meeboguest859554: so that I can chat with my students
[14:24] meeboguest859554: without using blackboard, etc.
[14:24] HelpDesk Tech: blackboard does
[14:24] HelpDesk Tech: no, meebo is only for us
[14:24] meeboguest859554: ok, so only through blackboard?
[14:24] meeboguest859554: or other outside sources?
[14:25] HelpDesk Tech: you can set up a meebo account
[14:25] meeboguest859554: really?
[14:25] meeboguest859554: I'm interested
[14:25] HelpDesk Tech: but you have to have your own webpage to host the list
[14:25] HelpDesk Tech: you could use your mypage account
[14:25] meeboguest859554: I can do that
[14:26] meeboguest859554: how do I find Meebo?
[14:26] meeboguest859554: meebo.com?
[14:26] HelpDesk Tech: yes meebo.com
[14:26] meeboguest859554: thanks!
[14:26] meeboguest859554: take care & good luck
[14:26] meeboguest859554: I appreciate this service btw
[14:26] meeboguest859554: I like how you answered!
[14:26] HelpDesk Tech: no problem have a good one


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