Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chat assignment: most students blast chat (6-2008)

I looked around for the assignment itself, which I thought I had posted, but found only the wikipedia assigment, which was similar but different topic. Basically students are given quotes for and against; they are asked to decide whether in this case language learners should be encouraged or discouraged from using chat; they must use the quotes to support or as counter argument to refute which they do to various degrees of skill. As I've said, they could be choosing OPPOSED just because it is easier to construct the argument. Nevertheless a resounding majority were AGAINST. Read for yourself:

1. Chat is bad, J. R.
2. Keeping the languages standard, Vicky
3. Chats are killing skills, Carolina
4. Against encouraging chat with students, EunDo
5. Internet style language, Johnny
6. Chat and writing, Fan
7. Problems of new internet words, Tez
8. Chat, Dhay
9. Chatting, GilJae
10. Chat could have fatal effects, Moon
11. Bad effect of using chat, HeeJin
12. Chat problems, Jasim
13. New languages made by children, Dodi
14. Problem of writing ability, JinShu
15. Don't use chatting in class, JiHye

16. English through chatting, Aziz
17. Benefits of chatting rooms, Ghada

18. Chatting can be a useful method of writing, JuHye

19-20. Two students, also CON I believe, failed to put their essays online, but that's par for the course.


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