Thursday, October 23, 2008

another term- 086

Did it again- I have two writing classes, 9 & 15 students. The one with 9 is a day ahead, so they started chat first. The advantage for them, is that there are about 9functioning computers in a lab that is supposed to have 15. So, those who really had no clue what was going on, could just walk over and watch someone who did. I explained how to copy a URL onto a chat window, but the words weren't enough. Perhaps their listening isn't as good as I thought. When they saw me do it, they felt better about it. Some still didn't get it, really.

There were three assignments: 1) bring me a url from your hometown. a travel site will do. Anything from your hometown. Mine was the homepage of Cleveland OH. 2) bring me the URL from your Practice S/R essay. This was on your weblog; it should be, anyway. 3) Bring me whatever you contributed to the EAP2 weblog; that was part of today's assignment.

As we were talking some of them were quite exuberant, using chat abbreviation left and right, calling each other names, etc. They were obviously already good friends, familiar with the medium & with each other. Others were a little tentative; they tried to do the assignment, but had some trouble. More on's wild.


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